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          Have you ever been fired from every job you’ve ever had? Dropped out of art school? Felt lost? Had so many dreams but no one dream better than the other? Listened to Frank Oceans “Channel Orange” on repeat while undergoing an existential crisis? Bc same.

              Welcome to the Cult. We all know that shopping secondhand is the MOST SUSTAINABLE THING THAT YOU CAN DO AND IT'S FLY AS HELL AND THEY DON'T MAKE EM LIKE THEY USED TOO AND YEEHAW AND SO ON AND SO FOURTH - thats why you're here. But this little corner of the internet is not just about selling secondhand.

         This website is less about selling and more about telling. A safe space to smoke a joint + binge. Travel guides, playlists, local creators, recipes, good trips, bad trips, fashion inspo, + all the cult favorites. Over sharing @ its finest.

      It took me 3 years to finally create this space. Thanks for being a part of the ride!

See you on the other side <3




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