Green juice & parking tickets - a guide to your quintessential LA weekend

When the end of a pandemic is in sight - you hop on a flight!

After feeling like I was trapped in a tiny box called Denver, my sky miles were calling. I have absolutely no idea why I chose L.A., not my typical style, but now you can catch me saying "hella" and "no cap" on the regular.

LA PACKING ESSENTIALS - "too cool to care"

  • not one but TWO 80's cut off Harley tanks
  • sweats - level up if you have a matching hoodie , xtra points for tie dye
  • matching pants suit set - to be paired with none other than said cut off Harley tank 
  • Oversized vintage tee + vintage denim
  • no bra

    The best part about LA is that any + all attire is acceptable + the comfier the better.

Let me take you through your quick - quintessential LA trip. TRIGGER WARNING - ALL WE DO IS EAT



Start your day @ Moon Juice. These products have been a cult favorite for years so naturally the first thing I did was run over to Moon Juice Cafe IRL to sip on the adaptogenic Kool - Aid. Order : Matcha & a green juice.

Yeastie boys - enough said

Walking around the hood

DINNER @ NIGHT MARKET + SONG - OK Y'ALL. By FAR one of the best meals ya girl has ever had - and def the highlight of LA. HIGHLIGHT. From the cutie servers to the insane natural wine list to the food, the whole experience was 11/10. Would have gone back again but they have weird LA hours (*exclusive*) The best part was the 90's hits playing so loud that I couldn't hear what anyone was saying over the bops like "drops of Jupiter" by Train. This Silverlake spot is a hard MUST.

Order - Many glasses of orange wine (don't be us - just order the bottle) Pad See Ew + Panang Curry (with roti FML)

HOT TAKE: If you park over 2 hours in LA you will get a $68 ticket!!!!!! Cute!!!!


DAY TWO - BEACH BUMS - Santa Monica + Venice

Drove our asses to the coast. Drove around until we found free parking (always). Rented bikes from Venice Boardwalk Bike Rental + stopped at Erewhon ( again FML) and got goods for a lil beach picnic (raw vegan pizza 10/10) 

We people watched, fell asleep on the beach, got sunburnt, and my heart was happy.

Venice food - rose cafe  (I won't lie - we didn't go but I heard its 10/10 so I wanted to hit you with the recs.)


Melrose Ave. + Koreatown

Just eating and hitting up some vintage shops. Oh and getting drunk on a rooftop + more eating

Pop up home - the store that my dreams are composed of...


Also had to share a Monty's 100% PLANT BASED BURGER....

9/10 worth the hype 

Then off to Freehand rooftop bar @ The Standard hotel to grab some bevies. It was your standard rooftop drinks experience. Over priced and sub par but theres a rooftop pool! If you order a martini it WILL come in a plastic cup. I suggest a marg.





But first BRUNCH

SQUIRL LA - Second best meal of the trip


Accomplished the Hollywood sign hike

 Walked down Hollywood walk of fame & stumbled upon the biggest thrift store in America !!! And its family owned. They have everything you could ever want and as a vintage shop owner - I think the prices were v fair!

Sadly Griffith Observatory was closed, my favorite tattoo spot was booked (@jelly.losangeles) & I couldn't find a hot tub to save my life (I didn't even try). My favorite things to do on trips - especially in Cali, is just walk around the neighborhoods and marvel over architecture. Take a peek into peoples houses & yards & talk to their dogs. I love architecture in every city and a neon sign of any kind really gets me off, & there was plenty of eye candy in LA.

Then we dipped! Gained a lot of inspiration, lost a lot of money (jk money well spent) & realized I have no desire to go back to LA. My heart is already in many other parts of California, but it was nice to have a little basic bitch LA weekend <3





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