Trends Turned (Cult) Classics

The trend cycle can be a fast and viscous one. Trends come in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye. I've literally ordered pieces of clothing and by the time they arrive they're already over. 

This isn't the case for every current trend, though. Some are standing out above the rest and, in my opinion, are here to stay. 


Oversized button ups have always been around but have had a real moment in the spotlight recently. With the crazy high temps of summer everyone is looking for a ways to dress for the weather. Throwing an oversized button up over a mini crop or a bralette is the perfect way to dress for the heat but still keep it cute. 

Loose denim is thankfully something that is finally here to say. I don't see us reverting back to tight skinny jeans ever again... That was a dark time. Now, the focus is much more on getting a perfect loose fit. It's much more comfortable and looks 10x better. It's also a reflection of the androgyny that has been showing up in fashion recently. Baggier fits on clothes are helping to bridge the gap between men and womens fashion.

Loafers are a superior shoe and they often aren't given enough credit. They can be dressed up and dressed down in such fun and playful ways that they should be a staple in any closet. Really stylish designs are starting to come out too. I always go for a platform. 

The rise in pant suits might slightly reflect the obsession that we have all recently had on matching sets. The pant suit is just a more elevated version of it. Recently I've seen a lot of pant suits in bright colors like creamsicle orange and lavender. If tailored to give you the perfect oversized fit, pant suits are a really good thing to keep on deck. They make it incredibly easy to put on a stylish outfit that'll leave everyone gurl crushing on you.

Small sunnies are back and are here to stay!!!! We've been seeing a lot of downsizing when it comes to our accessories... Look at purses for example, the smaller the better. We've totally moved away from the big chunky ~famous person hiding from the paparazzi~ 2008 look of sunnies and come back to the 90s mini look. And I couldn't be happier. Small sunnies are so chic and edgy.

Slip dresses are here to stay if you ask me. They are simple, elegant and classic. And also super easy to thrift. There are so many cute styles that slip dresses come in that you'll never get tired of them. 

Trends come and go but it's important to be conscious when shopping for clothes. Go for timeless pieces that you will be able to wear for years to come! <3 


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